Message from the CEO

  • Charles GERGONNE

    Charles GERGONNE

    Managing Director - 39 years old

  • Bertrand GERGONNE

    Bertrand GERGONNE

    Managing Director - 37 years old

"Welcome to the Team Gergonne website, which has been created to explain our company from the inside and enable those considering joining us to learn more about us and find out whether we share common values.

Gergonne is above all an adventure that began in a small workshop in the town centre of Oyonnax 60 years ago and has never stopped since.

We are constantly reinventing ourselves to remain competitive in an increasingly complex and fast-changing world.

Our major concern is our long-term future. That's why we invest heavily in the company and why our management is human and industrial, not financial.

We are passionate about industry and all its virtues:

- investing locally to generate economic activity, pay taxes and serve the communities in which we operate

- enabling many people to fulfil their potential by developing their personal skills and moving forward in society

- develop innovative, high-quality products and deliver them worldwide

- challenge ourselves and invest to minimise our impact on the environment

Our values are simple: hard work, trust, respect, humility and determination. They are explained in more detail here.

If this sounds like you and you're wondering whether you'd like to join us and be part of our great adventure, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

We'll be delighted to explain who we are and find out who you are.

In the meantime, happy reading!" 

Charles & Bertrand GERGONNE

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