Our CSR commitments

Corporate social responsibility has been an integral part of our growth plan for 20 years, and GERGONNE maintains a strong environmental approach through its investments and commitments.


Incinerator for treating solvents

With 4 coating lines and strong growth, in 2016 GERGONNE invested in a new regenerative thermal oxidiser with the aim of upgrading the solvent waste treatment system.

The objective? To further reduce our VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions and make energy savings.

This is the largest incinerator of this technology installed in France.

The targeted performance is of the order of 0.25 mg/Nm3, i.e. half the emission limit value imposed by the European Directive. This new investment will enable GERGONNE to guarantee our customers the continuity of our products and production for at least the next 15 years.

Installation of a solar farm

In 2020, GERGONNE invested in a photovoltaic power plant comprising 756 state-of-the-art modules.

This ground-based installation, built by Arkolia Energies, is a first in France.

In keeping with its eco-responsible approach, GERGONNE has opted for a self-consumption system that will save 18 tonnes of CO2 per year (the annual production is equivalent to the consumption of 29 households).

In 2024, two new solar farms will be commissioned. GERGONNE will then be able to produce 1Gwh of electricity, representing around 15% of its electricity needs.

Local reforestation action

In 2021, GERGONNE INDUSTRIE took part in the PLANT'ACTION programme run by OYO POUR TOUS by supporting them and becoming a "sustainable donor". 1 hectare of forest (the equivalent of 1,100 to 1,200 trees) was planted in Bellignat in autumn 2021.

In 2022, GERGONNE INDUSTRIE repeated its commitment and reserved a second 2.7 hectare plot in Arbent where 3,000 Nordmann fir trees (Christmas trees) were planted in autumn 2022.

And because 2 is never the same as 3, GERGONNE INDUSTRIE has decided to support the Plant'Action programme once again in 2023, in the commune of Veyziat (Mons).

In total, 4.7 hectares of forest will have been replanted.

605 tonnes of CO2 will be removed from the atmosphere over a period of 30 years thanks to these plantations, i.e. an average of 20.16 tonnes of CO2/year.  

GERGONNE INDUSTRIE is proud to be able to make a local commitment to the future of the region.

BMS software to reduce our energy consumption

Since 2010, GERGONNE INDUSTRIE's site has been equipped with BMS (Building Management System) software. This powerful tool makes it possible to control energy-intensive equipment, encourage the recovery of 'waste' energy and therefore reduce our overall energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Between 2019 and 2022: our external electricity consumption fell by 6.5%, while our turnover increased by 18%.


In line with its commitment to the environment, GERGONNE shreds 100% of its CIW (Common Industrial Waste) into CSR (Solid Recovery Fuels). These are then used as fuel in cement works, and are not buried in the ground.

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