Vision, values and purpose

Beyond the people who make up our company (employees, shareholders, managers, etc.), it is a fully-fledged entity with its own values. The respect of our values is an end in itself. We must be proud to be part of something that is good and will last in time.  

We must give meaning to what we do. Achieving our objectives is essential, but the question of how we reach them is also very important.

  • These values are as follows:

    These values are as follows:

    - Work, merit, being demanding -

    - Honesty, respect -

    - Simplicity, humility, common sense -

    - Willpower, courage -

    - Trust, responsibility -

    - Humanity, passion, pleasure -

  • Gergonne is driven by a purpose:

    Gergonne is driven by a purpose:

    - to respect and cultivate its values -

    - to be proud of the work accomplished and well done, the results achieved and what it is -

    - to enable those who deserve it to reach their full potential -

    - to support families, respect future generations and nature -

    - to ensure and constantly strengthen its sustainability - 

The traditional business model needs to be reviewed, to evolve towards less ego, hierarchy, power and politics, and more responsibility, freedom, transparency and meaning.

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